3 Powers

I am not going to stress you with the detail in the blog, just need to know:

The "3 Powers" is one of the most important concepts in Chinese wisdom. These 3 Powers refers to Heaven (), Earth () and People ().

Chinese believes that the 3 Powers must be present for great achievements to be made. When the 3 Powers are present, it is like a tiger with an added pair of wings (如虎添翼), whose capability is enhanced tremendously.

"Heaven" represents things that are conceptual, "Earth" represents things that are physical, while "People", as the name implies, represents the "people" factor. The 3 Powers may manifest in different forms, but it always fulfil the above point. 

In Sun Tzu Art Of War, these 3 Powers are represented as Right Timing (天时) - Heaven Power, Right Location (地利) - Earth Power, and Right People (人和) - People Power.

In politics, these 3 Powers are represented as Power (权) - represented by Politicians, Wealth (财) - represented by Businesses, and People (民) - Represented by Commoners.
For a harmonic society, all the 3 pillars must be balanced. When any of the 2 pillars are up against the other, we have huge problems:
Case 1: Wealth + People: We get rich people calling the shot, politicians will have to listen to the rich and implement policies as told.
Case 2: People + Power: We will have a situation where there are excessive tax on the rich, not a nice place to do business or live in.
Case 3: Power + Wealth: We will have a situation where people will suffer. Another exhibition of this is libel sue.

In some of my articles, you may see this being refer, don't ask me why, but it just seems that everything fits nicely into this simple yet complicated concept. I am puzzled too!

[Sometimes, I really felt that I can submit a paper for a PhD on this Western+Eastern fusion concept. Interested Uni, please contact me, I already have a Masters (not in politics of course)]

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