The Booger Tale (Based on a Real-Life Story)

[If you even encountered a situation where nobody believes the truth you said, well, this is called the "Booger Effect", and the story is as follows.]

Many many years ago, there was a little boy who went to China for a gathering, not accustomed to the weather, he soon caught a flu. During one of the meetings, he gave a sneeze and exclaimed:

"Wow! I can't believe the air is so dirty here, even the booger is black!"

A huge laughter roared through the room and one of them walked up to him, continuing the laughter and said:

"You are so funny, everyone knows that booger is black!"

The boy tried his best to explain how it was not like that in Singapore, but the conversation turned serious, and people in the room started worrying for the boy, one of them spoke up with empathy:

"Are you sure you are OK? Do you need to see a doctor?"

Well, the boy was lost for words.

Many years later, the boy received an email referencing this video, with the footnote:

"Boy, you were absolutely right many many years ago - booger is not supposed to be black. Sorry about the past, we have been told, throughout our lives, that the 'mistiness' in our air is "fog".

In the future, if you even encountered a situation where people mocked or refused to believe the fact you are trying to tell them, don't feel angry or frustrated, just remember this Booger Tale. 

Those people are not stubborn or less intelligent in any way, it is just that there is no way for them to understand it because for the whole of their life they were submerged in that situation, unless they are able to step-out of their mindset, there is no way for them to understand it. 

Think about this Booger Tale, when those people are healthy (out-and-about), the booger is black; but when they are hospitalised (indoor with filtered air) for an extended period of time, their booger is not black, so how could they not relate black booger as good? 

[Story Presented by BOSS, feel free to share, as long as you credit it to "BOSS" and link it to this page]

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