Basis Of Singaporean Spirit - People Power: Terms on the Use of This Book

First of all, this is an academic book that demonstrates the application of Chinese Wisdom.

By reading this book, you acknowledged this fact and agree to all the terms and conditions (which may change from time to time without prior notice) as well as agree not to politicise any material herein.

Please note that there is a corresponding blog located at:

Information related to this book can be found at the menu link by the side of the blog.
The blog serves as a companion to this book and contains additional links and discussions that would interest you.

As with any academic books, at times, there may be changes required to the content of the book.
So while waiting for the updated edition to be printed, the author may publish a list of "errata", this information can also be found at the blog page of the book.

By reading this book, you agreed that you shall undertake the responsible to update your copy if required to do so.

As with all academic publications, readers may disagree with certain points or statements. If you disagree with the author, you can:

Comment on the article
The author had enabled all comments on the blog without moderation in view of respecting others' views.

However, please respect others as well as the authority. DO NOT put slandering comments or involve in any act of contempt.

It will be solely your responsibility that you DO NOT get yourself into trouble. There is NO WAY for me to ensure that you do, just like all governments in the World are not able to ensure their citizens eat at least 3 meals a day.

Start your own blog to link back to mine and rebut
Just as I did with others' views on xenophobia, I did not complain, protest or scold anyone for their viewpoints.

Instead I posted an article to discuss amicably on xenophobia. This is the spirit of academic discussion. So, let's respect this.

Publish a research article or a book to rebut
As what I am doing now, there are too many things to say, apart from just responding to individual events around the World, I need to bring everyone down to the root of the problem – The Basis. This is a long process and only a book can do that. So, here is the book.

Sell or give this book away
If you don't like this, then please sell or give this book away and go and find something that you like.
Nobody should look for things that make them unhappy. Remember: always look on the bright side of life.

Seek other forms of help
If all things still do not appease you, I have found a link that may help you. It is an "Anger Management Test", with 36 questions, that you should be able to complete within 20 minutes.

I believe there should be some follow-up advices after the test. Sorry, but I do not know the details as I do not need to do that test.

Anyway, the link is here:

If you had taken the test, please share your experiences as well as the effectiveness of your follow-up treatments with the rest of us. We would be glad to understand how effective that site is.

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