Basis Of Singaporean Spirit - People Power: Why Did I Write This Book?

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Why Did I Write This Book?

First of all, I have never wanted to write this book. Writing a book is simply too painful and torturing for me. Hence, allow me to take this opportunity to thank all the authors around the World for all their hard works and endurances in writing so many great books that we enjoyed. Please, continue to endure and enjoy the painful and torturing moments for our sake, thank you. 

Initially, I had wanted to write this book to wake up Singapore leaders. However, as I wrote this book, I realised that much information is also applicable to other leaders. So I had extended the book with more useful leadership information as well as additional references and case studies.

This is not the ordinary boring leadership book that 'reverse engineered' the success of somebody, and presents it as 'the model that he took'. This is a book on the basis of it all.

This book is written by the People for the People. No matter whether you are a leader, commoner, celebrity, philanthropist, rich or poor, there is always something useful for you.

Singaporeans are very humble and contented people. We believe in focusing on doing our best for the betterment of Singapore.

I have no issue if Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his People Action Party (PAP) wanted to claim 100% credit for the success of Singapore, anyway, who cares about those?

But things had taken a very big shift, apart from claiming all the credits, Singaporeans are also being belittled and given all sorts of labels. These are really too much. It is shameful to have leaders who used word like "disgrace" on their People when they spoke up on a problem that those leaders had created.

Well, of course, you have to thank our PAP government for this. If not because of all these labelling and injustices, nobody will ever get to know this most important missing piece of the recipe for Singapore’s success – The People.

Interestingly, this book happened to be released just in time for Singapore's 50th birthday. Maybe it had all been planned by The One up there, injecting so much unhappiness and injustices into Singapore in order to force this missing piece out.

So actually, these are all planned by The One up there, not our PAP government's fault after all!

[This is part of the book: Basis Of Singaporean Spirit - People Power, click here to go to the main page]

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