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Basis Of Singaporean Spirit - People Power: Basis of a Leader - Part 1 (Case Study: Obama's 'New Immigration Policies')

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If you are an American, imagine this: Your president, Mr Barack Obama, a talented leader with great charisma, good educational background, stated that in the best interest of Americans, he had to import huge number of foreigners[i] from various countries, including China, Philippines, Bangladesh, etc., in order to support the growth of America.

Some of the reasons cited were: "We need 'Foreign Talent (FT)' to help to build America"; "Americans are too picky in jobs"; "Americans cannot perform high level jobs effectively", etc.

Soon, there came an issue when your FT neighbour complained that the food you cooked was too smelly (mind you, this dish is your country's favourite dish that every American cooked and enjoyed).

In response to that complaint, Mr Obama mediated and the solution was that you should only cook that dish when your FT neighbour is not in. 

Of course, with this high influx of foreigners, there came a list of associated problems, such as long queues in the hospital, insufficient beds for patients, public transport over-crowded, etc. The feeling that you had were: "Hey, am I in America or in Asia?"

When you brought up the issues on the immigration policies, Mr Obama replied: "We should not be xenophobes or racists; you are a bigot for saying that."

Next, a scholar from China, whom Obama had fully subsidised his studies in America using tax payers' money, publicly stated that: "There are more dogs than humans in America". When this issue was brought up, your ministry of education came into the news and stood by his side and explained that it was due to his unpleasant experience with Americans. And when there was a huge uproar on this, instead of condemning the act, Mr Obama requested Americans not to get worked up every time someone misspoke, and that Americans should not be so calculative and petty.

Soon, there was a riot that resulted in many police cars and ambulances being burned by foreigners. Obama came into the news and stated that: "Actually, the crime rate of foreigners is generally lower than Americans' and that all of you (Americans) should not make swiping statement that they (rioters) are trouble makers".

And to make matter more interesting, within this pool of "Foreign Talents", there emerged a person who showed off his Porsche and commented that those who took public transport were poor people.
There was an instance when his Porsche was sent for servicing, and he had to take the public transport instead; immediately after that, he commented on his Facebook that normal life could resume after he had washed the stench of public transport off him.

When there was an outcry on the Internet about this Porsche guy, the reply from Obama was that Americans should not engage in cyber-bullying.

Later on in the months that followed, Mr Obama made another statement that Americans must take the initiatives to integrate with new immigrants because America belongs to everyone, including citizens, foreigners on work pass, green card holders, etc.

With such a leader like Mr Obama, would you still vote for him to be the president? (Assuming he is eligible for presidency and also running for it).

Well, I am sure the answer is a resounding NO!!!

But why? He is so talented, so charismatic, and hey, you get another bonus for voting him because he is a lawyer too! Oh, by the way, he is also a Nobel Peace Prize winner, aren't you proud of that?

I believe the answer is still a NO, and the reason is simple.

BOSS Wisdom: "The basis of a leader is to protect his People, failing which nothing else matters." - BOSS

Are you thinking that the above scenarios are too extreme and unrealistic? Well, welcome to Singapore[ii].

[This is part of the book: Basis Of Singaporean Spirit - People Power, click here to go to the main page]

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[i] Technically, there is nothing wrong with immigration policies. The issues come about from the incapability of the leaders who do not understand their own limitations and the associated problems that they created. See "Are you a Xenophobe? Are you Anti-Immigration" for more details.
[ii] It would be more interesting if you could get a true-blue Singaporean to walk you through all those mentioned events.

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