Saturday, 11 April 2015

The 4 Humongous Myths Of Singapore... Busted!

I came across this article in which the author busted 4 myths about Singapore.

Well, those 4 are really nothing when compared with my 4. So here I am, busting the 4 Humongous Myths Of Singapore:

Myth Number 1: "Mr Lee Kuan Yew Turned Singapore from a Fishing Village to the Modern Singapore"

Wrong! Mr Lee Kuan Yew told us it was Sir Stamford Raffles who turned Singapore from a fishing village into a bustling port, not him.

... “The Legacy is that of connectedness with the World. That is what made Singapore get off the ground. From a barely inhabited island, infertile, of no consequence to the World, he (Raffles) made it an important hub. And that we must keep up, because otherwise, it would sink back to a fishing village.”

So please stop trying to smear our most respectable Mr Lee Kuan Yew as a shameless person because historians and scholars would have the wrong impression that Mr Lee Kuan Yew was trying to steal credits from Sir Stamford Raffles, which is not true. He had his contribution.

Myth Number 2: "Mr Lee Kuan Yew Can Turn any Country into Singapore"

Wrong! He can't. Take India for example, he provided a clear analysis of the "people" issues within India and concluded that no single person can change it.

So please stop those silly idolism. The most respectable attribute of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, apart from the depth of his insight, was his candidness.

Myth Number 3: "Mr Lee Kuan Yew Ruled With An Iron-Fist and He Is Tough"

Wrong! If he was really that tough and fierce, why did he bow and apologise to the person who kicked him in the face? Shouldn't he at least punch the person back?

Mr Lee Kuan Yew was not only smart, he was a person with great EQ, he knew when to be tough and when to be soft. This is exactly what Chinese Wisdom described as one of the attributes for a person to do great things:

Meaning: "Knowing when to be tough, and when to be soft."

When he was a PM, if he had not delivered values to Singaporeans, would he dare to be tough? No, and most importantly, he knew this.

Myth No 4: "Only PAP can Lead Singapore Forward"

Wrong! Whether Singapore is going to be led by the PAP or any other person or any other party, that is irrelevant. The Basis of Success is the system, one that will enable Singapore to stand out and prosper and attract talent. Once we have good security and treat everybody fairly and equally, we will success.

"What is it that I want to do now? To try and secure the future. For what? As already been built and not to lose it. That is all. Whether it is going to be done by the PAP or any other person or any other party, that is irrelevant. We must keep a system that will enable this place to stand out and prosper, and attract talent. As long as we attract talent, and we got security and we keep an open system which treat everybody fairly and equally, we will success."

Looking back at the past 10 years, did the party that is leading us brought us forward or backward? Have we attracted talent? Did we have good security? Did we treat everybody fairly and equally?

Dear Singaporeans, it is time to wake up. Stop being trapped in the Baby Politics of your leaders. Ask yourself, what are you fighting for? Are you doing it for the future of your party or for the future of Singapore?

If you are an opposition supporters, get your leaders to move beyond just Town Councils. I know GRC is the basis of your support and a determining factor for your leaders to be re-elected, however, your leaders need to start thinking about assuming roles of Ministers, not just Members of Parliament. Only when oppositions participate in the future planning of Singapore, would it be considered a First World Parliament.

If you are a PAP supporters, tell your leaders to stop insulting Singaporeans, whether it is just a single person or any numbers, it is still an insult. When leaders hurled abuses at Singaporeans, people from all over the World will follow suit. A leader who does not stand up for his People is not fit to be a leader. I know PAP wants to dominate the parliament, then prove to the People that you can treat People with respect and treat them fairly and equally, did you? You still owe People an explanation of AIM, you still owe the People an explanation on CPF, you still owe the People many many things. Do you want to explain it yourself or get the oppositions to help you with that?

No matter whether you are supporting PAP or the opposition, as long as your leaders are not following the Basis Of Singaporean Spirit, it is your responsibility to stop them and guide them on to the right path - if you want another 50 more years for Singapore.

Or else, forget about voting in the General Election, get ready to vote  for a merger in 20 years time. Malaysia? It is unlikely that they will accept the terms mentioned by Mr Lee Kuan Yew, also we wouldn't have the bargaining power by then. China is another possibility because in the heart of many Chinese, Singapore was their long-lost state, just like Hong Kong and Taiwan, waiting to be reunited. Well, last but not least, Philippines is another possibility, they are also interested in taking over.

[For those who have read this blog or the book (Google Play / Google Books), you will know many of these are mentioned earlier. One of the major problems with the People of the World is that they are simply too passive to find alternative information to read, waiting to be fed with information. and of course, people will only feed you with information that they want you to know and believe. ]

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